From national commercials and feature films to tiny indies and real-people casting, we've done a little bit of everything. What do you need? Principals? Background? A man over 7' to be in a scene for a circus? Yeah, that was a request and yep, we found a guy. 


We're based in Chicago and often work LA, NYC, and sometimes Sydney, Australia. We're here to solve problems, meet deadlines, and stay on budget. We will bring in the best actors, we just won't charge as much as other offices to do it. 

Give us a shout about your project to see how we can help.

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"Sarah Clark is a casting ninja and all around badass. You will regret not working with her and her team."



Compass always makes sure you have your best audition. They make you feel comfortable and give you a true chance at success. I love when I see Compass in my itinerary.


Compass Casting is my favorite casting company to audition at. They are always so nice and welcoming. You know they have your back and make sure you’re giving your best take.


Sarah and her team are the BEST. They are always rooting for you in your audition. I always have the best auditions here and looking forward to many more. 



You could teach the equivalent of bedside manners to LA casting directors as a side business.


Compass Casting brings a rare mix of professionalism and kindness to an otherwise difficult business.



Compass Casting is very professional! I love coming in for auditions, they make you feel very welcome and comfortable!



Sarah truly cares about actors. She's warm and inviting during auditions (& not all casting directors are like that.) She has experience and professionalism that belie her youth.

MJ S. 

I have had the good fortune of being directed by Sarah Clark, owner of Compass Casting. At first I worried I would be intimidated, but that fear quickly dissipated when I realized how warm she is in everything she does. She is a true professional, but in a real and human way.



Friendly, Supportive, Professional...As an actress, they help make the audition a joy! As a producer, they excel at finding just the right cast for your project





Sarah Clark, CSA

Casting Director + Owner

Sarah has worked in the industry for over ten years. Casting is her bread and butter, but she's also an Emmy Nominated producer and professional screenwriter. She’s been lucky to work on films like AUGUST OSAGE COUNTY, TO THE WONDER, RUDDERLESS, and many many more. Sarah has seen thousands of actors for hundreds of commercials with clients like NIKE, CORONA, HONDA, and hundreds more.


When she's not casting, Sarah's training for a triathlon and trying new coffee shops with her partner.

Eve Rosenthal

Casting Associate

Eve is originally from Colorado, graduated with her BFA in Actor Training from The Hartt School in Connecticut, and is now Compass Casting's very first Casting Associate. Her history and education in performance make her an understanding and encouraging presence in the audition room, where she aims to make every actor feel at ease.


When not in the office, Eve can be found binging NPR, watching true crime documentaries, and drinking good beer.


Best Boy Casting

Grips have Best Boy Grip, Compass has Best Boy Casting.


Tucker is a corgi-something mix who likes to sit on actors' feet during their auditions and loves the beach. He's helped thousands of actors stay calm during their auditions. He's not a very good reader, but he's very good at being supportive.

He's kind of bashful but you can pet him if he walks up to you.

Compass Casting is a proud Casting Society of America office.




Want to submit?


We're a very green office, so please don't mail us your headshot. Instead, click the button below to email us your headshot, resumé, reel, and anything else you'd like us to see. We hope to see you in the room soon!

Building a Resumé

Too often resumés aren't looking their best. Just like the business world, there's a format you need to follow to be treated like a professional. Here's a template you can use to start your work. 


Download Resumé Template (.docx)



  • Use fonts that are easy to read and professional

  • Stick to two fonts max

  • Make sure your agent contact information is present if you have one

  • DO NOT put your home address 

Getting an Agent

Compass Casting can't recommend an agent to you, but here are some tips to help you on your search:

  • You are going into business with your agent. Make sure you trust them with your money and with your well being. They are making deals for you.

  • Your agent makes money on commission. Period. As soon as they start asking for money for classes/headshots/website fees/etc. start putting some red flags up.

  • If you book a SAG-AFTRA gig, agents are required to only charge 10%. Non-Union work can charge anywhere from 15-20%. Be careful if they start taking more.

Consultations + Classes

If you're interested in meeting with casting director Sarah Clark or continuing training with your craft, you can do that through The Forge!


Sarah teaches exclusively through The Forge, an on-camera acting studio committed to excellent training at affordable rates for actors. 


If you'd like a casting opinion on your tools, to get your questions answered, or a push in the right direction, you can schedule a consultation with Sarah through The Forge here.



4312 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

For Producers: (312) 339-5198*

For Actors: (312) 313-2578


* - Actors, do not use the producers number, please. If you have questions, use the number we listed for actors. Seriously.

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