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Nike Chicago Family

We're seeking trainers, coaches, and wellness professionals to join the Nike Chicago influencer family.

Keep reading to learn how to submit.



Who we're looking for

We're searching for fitness instructors and trainers who specialize in strength, HIIT, yoga, spin, boxing, pilates, and more! All forms of movement and wellness are welcome to submit.

These folks should inspire their communities to live healthier lives, have wellness at the forefront of their minds, and be genuine users of Nike products. 


You must meet all the below requirements to be considered for this project. 

  • Minimum 2 years training and credentialed

    • Credentials may include NASM, CPT, and ISSA.

  • Actively teaching/training in Chicago.  

  • Nike product/brand lover.  

    • No sponsorships in alternate apparel or footwear brands.

  • Experience as content creator, with an active online community. 

  • A holistic wellness philosophy



Have questions? Check out the Q&A or get in touch!

Submission Information

  • Please fill out the form below. Feel free to share any links you think will help us best understand your training style.

  • Record an audition video from the below instructions and submit with this form.

  • Submission Deadline: December 6th

    • The sooner the better though! ​


Audition Video Instructions

How you create these videos, how you frame, and how you edit these videos is completely up to you! If you have a definitive style for your social media, please let your style lead the way. If not, keep it simple! As long as we can see you and hear you, we're happy. 

  • Introduction: Tell us your name, what part of the city you're from/live in, your certifications, and introduce us to yourself in under 60 seconds. By the end of the introduction I want to know what type of training you specialize in and an idea of your personality. ​

  • ​Video Clip #1: Please answer the following question: "What is your training and wellness philosophy, and how does Nike product play a role?"

  • Video Clip #2: Talk to your phone's camera as if you were on instagram live and share a piece of advice with your audience. This could be nutrition tips, explanation of correct technique, wellness insights, etc. Anything you feel passionately about and can share in 30-45 seconds. Please edit all footage together into one clip and upload from the below form. 




Upload Video

Thanks for submitting!

  • How does this work?
    When you sign up, you will automatically be added to our database. We do not ever sell your information, we only use it to call you when we have projects you're a good fit for. If we get a project you're right for, we'll get in touch. We'll give you all the information we have (rates, dates, etc.) about the shoot and ask if you'd like to be involved. If you decide to audition, great! We'll give you an audition time and date and tell you what to do. Please note: Auditions are not paid. They're a try out to see if production wants to book you for the job. It's a very easy process on your end. We handle all the heavy lifting and will walk you through the process.
  • What kinds of people are you looking for?
    All kinds of people are requested when our clients don't want actors. We have cast a little bit of everything so all walks of life (age, body type, sex, ethnicity) are welcome. We never know what our clients are looking for until their project description comes across our desk. This commercial was 100% non-actors found on various worksites across the Chicagoland area. They wanted the real deal when it came to construction, so we went out and found it.
  • Does this mean you represent me now?
    Nope! We're a casting office, not a talent agency. You will be paid directly by production and we won't have anything to do with that payment. We will be contacting you directly for the audition and the booking, but production will take it from there. If you are looking for information on how to get an agent, feel free to check out our home page for more info.
  • How much money will I make?
    The amount of money you make depends on a lot of things. For smaller non-union commercials you could make a few hundred dollars. For bigger, national commercials you could make tens of thousands. Don't worry, we will tell you up front how much money you're going to make, what dates we need you, and give you all the information we have about the shoot before you have to make a decision on if you want to be a part of the project.
  • How much time in advance will I get?
    This industry moves really quickly, which means we give you as much of a heads up as we can, but sometimes that's not very much. Dependind on the job, we could be filming the same week we send you an email to tell you about it. That means you'll need to make sure your dog has a sitter if you're shooting a 12 hour day, someone can pick the kids up, and that you'll need to call off work. If you book a job you are expected to be 100% available from 12:00am-11:59pm on the day production is set to film.
  • I'm an actor. Can I apply as a real person?
    We know you're a real person AND and an actor, but please do not sign up for this list. For too many reasons to count, it's separated for a reason and we promise you it is better if you only apply for projects through your agent.
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