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Levitated Cheese


Tapes due Thursday 5/11 via Casting Networks by 4p ET

Taping Information

Please upload your audition directly to Casting Networks.

  • Slate with your name, height, and turn profile in a full-body shot.​ Please confirm that you're local to New York.

  • Let us know if you're willing to work background for the following rate: $250/10 + 20%.

  • ​Please provide two contrasting takes of the provided sides.​​

    • Please film the script in the style of a user generated TikTok.

    • This is MOS - please do not speak.
    • Director Note: Play around with this script and make it your own. We're looking for a range of expressions and reactions. Miming or use of props is okay, so long as it's not distracting. Have fun!​


Questions? Get in touch.
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