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Running Group


Tapes due 8/28 via Casting Networks by 5:00p (est)
Project Information + Notes

Taping Information

  • Please upload your audition directly to Casting Networks.

  • It would be great to have talent wear athletic wardrobe and athletic shoes in their audition videos ​


Please tell us your name, height, and city of residence. In 10-15s, please tell us about your running experience.


Take One: With the phone on the ground, please run 25 yards to the camera at your average running pace. 

Take Two: With your phone on the ground, please run from one side of frame to the other with your entire body in the frame. 

Take Three: "A short, slow-motion iPhone video of talent running and jumping in the air. — To give some more context, they can imagine jumping through a larger than life iPhone, floating in the air as they euphorically defeat the noise of social media, re-gaining clarity. (Just like we’ll capture for the spot, but without any of the VFX/animation). Our director, Cameron, has emphasized the importance of this beat in the spot, so we’d love to include that in the tapes if possible!"

Note from Casting: My soccer coach used to say, "I'll run with you" to motivate us, so I'm following suit! If possible, we'd love to see you run for longer than the videos below. Please run in shoes and not barefoot then sandals. ​

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