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P&G Q&A Videos

Tapes due 5/25 via Casting Networks by 12pm

Taping Information

Please upload your audition directly to Casting Networks.

Please Note: Shoot dates might shift to 6/5 + 6/6 - TBD.

  • Slate - Please tell us your name and height then turn profile. Ideally this shot is full body (top of your head to mid-thigh if possible).

  • Hand Slate - For your hand slate, please show us the backs of your hands, flip them to show us your palms, then curl your fingers like bear claws. 

    • Why? So we can see the dexterity of your fingers!

  • How experienced are you with using a teleprompter?

    • Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced?​

    • If you own a teleprompter, please use it for your audition.

Audition Instructions
  • Take OnePlease provide a take of the highlighted portion of the provided sides straight to camera.

    • Director Note: "Tone across all is friendly. Somewhere between an industrial/product specific and commercial. Should portray a positive, helping attitude. No posers/trying too hard/too cool for school."

  • Take TwoPlease do a 20-30 second series of the following actions: (If you do not have access to these props, no problem, just use what you have available)

    • Researching products on a computer/laptop.​

    • Researching products on a smartphone.

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