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US Army Commercial • Callbacks

Congrats on making it to the next round of casting! Our clients want to see more photos of Prospects + Family members. Please fill out the form below with the help of the information below.

Please only submit photos if you could be available for filming June 1st - 4th

Photos We Need

  • Make sure we can see your face

    • Good lighting​

    • Framed to make your face the most important

  • No hats

  • No sunglasses

  • We need to 

Photos of you

  • Photo 1 - Natural, relaxed photo to camera, from the waist up.

  • Photo 2 - Natural, relaxed photo looking slightly off camera, from the waist up.

  • Photo 3 - Full body photo, looking into camera. 

  • Photo 4 - Full body photo, looking slightly off-camera.

Group photos

  • Photo 5 - A photo of you + a person you're auditioning with, waist up

  • Photo 6 - A photo of you + a person you're auditioning with, full body (if possible)

  • Photo 7 - A photo of you with your family (make sure we can still see your face.)

Pet Photos

Please only send in photos of your dog if you've been requested!

  • Pet Photo 1 - Photo of you with your dog

  • Pet Photo 2 - Photo of your dog on their own

  • Pet Photo 3 - Fun photo of your dog - whatever makes you smile the most! 

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