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ALDI Callbacks


Callback Information

Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 at Compass Casting

Date & Location


Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

Compass Casting

2424 W Montrose Avenue

Unit W

Chicago, IL 60618

  • Free street parking in the neighborhood

  • Metered parking out front

  • ~4 blocks from the Western brown line. 

What we're doing

These in-person callbacks will provide all the necessary props for your callback. The casting team will be in the room with you while the director and production team join us via Zoom. Here are the beats we'll be walking you through in your callbacks:

- Nothing up my sleeve and then sprinkle spinach into a bowl

- Using a wooden spoon with a bowl and presenting your tools 

- Juggling (if you can)

- Plate in your hand under a handkerchief and presenting it to camera 

- Flipping the plate and presenting it in a few different ways 


- Twirling a frying pan + using a spatula 


  • We're not doing any card tricks this time - we're focusing on magician's showmanship within the confines on the spec.

  • These callbacks are MOS. If you're practicing, please practice without speaking. We'll ask for these callbacks to be entirely MOS. 

  • We will bring all props - you do not need to bring any props with you. 

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